IS Security

GPS Container and Cargo Tracking Systems Are the Future of Container Security

How to Manage an Audit Program for ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

ISO 27001 is the international standard that is recognized worldwide for the management of risks to the security of information you hold. ISO 27001 certification enables you to demonstrate to your customers and other stakeholders that you manage information security in your possession. ISO 27001: 2013 the current version of ISO 27001, provides a set…

5 Reasons You Need a Cybersecurity Plan

A Way Out Available for Real and Automated Decisions: Artificial Intelligence

WHAT DOES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MEAN? Artificial intelligence refers to the vicinity of computer science whereby the artificial human beings, i.e. the computers (machines) with the help of the designed computer program or the software programs imitate the way the human beings design, sketch and solve the complex problems. These systems have the capability of learning…

Security Cameras Offer Safety at the Cost of Your Privacy!

Quick Guide to Implementing Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & BPM

Definitions and Overview Business Performance Management (BPM) establishes a framework to improve business performance by measuring key business characteristics which can be used to feedback into the decision process and guide operations in an attempt to improve strategic organisational performance. Other popular terms for this include; Enterprise PM (EPM), Corporate PM (CPM) Enterprise Information Systems…